Centipede – Restoration

I was warned by those on the BYOAC Forum that you could end up with more than one machine..

My Mame cabinet – Lakeside Arcade – was fun to build and gets considerable use.  But it’s at a summer home and isn’t all that available in the winter.  My game is Centipede – it has been since college – it was the break between dinner and the library that I enjoyed..  Two quarters and about 45 minutes..

Recently I started keeping an eye on Facebook marketplace for a *real* Centipede machine..  Some showed up, $700, $900, $1,200  – but all were 2-3 states away..
Then this machine appeared locally for $450 – however the screen showed a test pattern.. Asking some friends who know better then me…   they said.. “I’d keep looking..”

So I did, and after about 2 months..  It popped back in for $300.  Now they said “Go take a look!”  (agreed)..

My wife says I lead a charmed life..(I’ve had some weird luck now and then)..  On the way to pick it up – the owner plugs it in and it boots into the game.  He told me that had I not been on the way (we had been texting)..  He would have pulled it down and doubled the price..

So here I go – my first (last?) original arcade machine – and my personal holy grail..  Centipede.


Restoration Posts:


Control Panel and Coin Door

Power Brick and ARII Board

Working on the CRT

Cabinet and Cosmetics

Reassembling Centipede

Working on the electronics..


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