Triage – Centipede..

I was fortunate the machine actually worked.. well..  worked??


The good news was it booted and I actually played it a couple times.  Overall the machine is in pretty good shape.  Everything seems to be very original (except the CRT definitely was from a Pacman machine at some point).  The marquee and bezel are in great shape on the original tempered glass.

The game board, audio board and cabinet have matching serial numbers.  No real work has been done to it other than the coin button modification.

First observations:

  • CRT – Upper left corner of game pulled up.  Large margin at the bottom of the screen and the playfield is off on the right a bit
  • Trackball barely rolls
  • A coin button was added to the control panel
  • Control panel overlay was covered with black material
    • The original was underneath and torn/worn
  • Audio quality was ok at best..  after about 5-10 minutes..  Volume changed by itself
  • Unable to retain top 3 high scores after power down
  • Coin slot 1 mechanism had missing bracket and switch
  • Marquee light not working
  • Fire button way too stiff (ok that is just a personal preference.. it worked..)
  • Everything coated in dust as would be expected



  • Front panel has holes from security bar
  • Rear door panel all moisture damage
  • Typical bottom and edge damage all the way around the side panels
  • Leg levelers all broken
  • Side art dinged up some
  • T-molding falling out at the bottom and dinged up in places


I haven’t decided the extent of the cosmetic restoration just yet.  My plan is to get it fully functional and running properly.

There were a few old tokens kicking around in the dust..


More to come..

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