Keyboard Shelf

Turns out there is a significant amount of keyboard work that you have to do at the machine so that you can set up Mame Software, the front end, buttons, LEDs, etc.. I had no real good way to use the keyboard and mouse and control panel... So I came up with this.. A clip-on... Continue Reading →

Received a button and track ball

The plan is to get many of these. iL PSL-L Translucent with Black Concave Plunger - It was out of stock when I placed my order so I got the red one just to test.  At $2.75 they are quite affordable. Paradise Arcade Shop came up with this specific design I believe.  The look is great when... Continue Reading →

Coin Door – more fun parts!

Today the real working coin door showed up.  Its pretty nice.  Same one that goes in arcade machines.  I wasn't sure I would like the yellow reject buttons so I got red ones just in case..  The were $4.50 each so I figured why not.. The whole thing is quite heavy duty.  I tested quarters... Continue Reading →

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