Joust Upright – Restoration

Well ….  Got another one..

I’ve always loved Joust and even while I was restoring my favorite machine, Centipede, I kept an eye out for an original Joust project/restoration.  What I learned is that they are not easy to come by..  Working / restored machines are selling for a considerable amount.

Buried in a Facebook Marketplace ad for a bunch of machines was a reference to a Joust cabinet that had been converted to a Silkworm.  The Joust boards were in some other cabinet that had some crazy setup to switch back and forth between it and some other game.   After getting a few pictures and going back and forth with the seller  – I was determined to make this poor machine back into a Joust again!

Beneath the brown paint and TECMO sticker – an original Joust will be back!


Restoration Posts:

Triage – Joust

Joust – Control panel

Joust – Cabinet tear down and restore

Joust – Reassembling the cabinet

Joust Upright – Side art stenciling

Joust Upright – Finishing up.. maybe..

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