1. I am in the process of ordering material for a Biscayne 23 build in Atkinson, NH. I summer on Lake Winnipesawkee. I have had many rides in a 28′ Hackercraft on the lake, and I love the old wood boat ride and feel. Does your Biscayne ride like it looks? I am suddenly thinking that the water may be too rough for me to really enjoy this boat?
    IF you have a second I would really appreciate some feedback on the actual ride of your beautiful boat.
    Thank you,
    Dan Traynor

    I have studied every picture of your boat project, and your craftsmanship has truly inspired me to step up my game a notch or two. Awesome job on the boat!!

  2. Hi Daniel – Thanks for the kind words.. I had my boat on Winni once.. It was a rough weather day and overall the Biscayne is not a good boat for chop.. It is 100% flat at the transom and once the winds are up to 10-12-14… I usually don’t take it out. It LOVES flat water first… You may consider something with some Vee at the transom to handle the chop. The real trick is to get it to sit flat on the DESIGNED water line.. Not paint a water line on after you know how it sits.. (if that makes sense) Mine drives like its on rails.. its a muscle car ride. My skid fin I believe keeps it from sliding, a bottom with some Vee may not need it…
    Its a great design.. So it comes down to how choppy the lake is on average.. Feel free to ask any questions

    • HI Bob
      Thank you for getting back to me. I was hoping that you were not going to say that but I am not surprised. My issue is that your boat is the style and shape that I have been admiring for years, and frankly I can’t get excited about building a boat that is not appealing to me just for the ride. I have a Grady White and a Boston Whaler if I need to go out when its rough (live on Rattlesnake Island in the summer). I’m willing to wait for the perfect day to take a ride in a gorgeous wooden boat!
      Thank you for your input, I am sure that I will have questions in the months to come.

  3. I built that boat specifically for looks (and length) – the barrel backs are nice – but I liked this transom better. And I wanted to be able to pull skiers and tubes and stuff… Build the boat you want.. Its a great boat and design. Also – you are used to the conditions. when I went out.. my lake doesn’t really do what Winni does.
    You’re welcome to pop over to Thompson Lake (Maine) for a ride once the season starts..

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