Mame – Lakeside Arcade Build

A broken Centipede machine at a trade show causes me to build my own..

Back in my college days, Centipede was my machine.  Dinner at 5-5:30, then head over to the student union and get some Centipede in before centipede_01.jpg396feed8-d6d0-4697-aa5a-29ca788b59dfOriginalgoing to the Library.  They were smart and didn’t open the ‘Arcade area’ of the student union until later in the day or risk many students skipping classes.  Back then I could go 30-45 minutes on a quarter and I often plugged the machine in and watched it boot.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago where I attended a trade show that was set up with old school machines – there she was – Centipede.  So I went to get some trackball time..

Except – it was broken.. Not the ball, but the software was a mess.  It was just about unplayable.  The screen jumping around and scrolling oddly.

But it did one thing – it made me want to revive my Mame research.  I would get the bug, then drop it, then get interested and drop it again.  A broken Centipede machine got me over the hump.

So begins a full arcade machine that will play 100’s of games once its done.  Centipede will certainly be the #1 most played game in the system.

Cabinet Construction Begins: Lakeside Arcade

Lakeside Arcade: Making the Control Panel

Cabinet Construction Completed

Received a button and track ball

A list of all the little decisions I have focused on…

Just received the first parts

Coin Door – more fun parts!

Keyboard Shelf


Arcade Machine Drawings – PDF

Sketchup Drawings of the plans

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