After years of documenting projects in random places…

I’ve started a blog site to bring them all together.

When building something completely different – Google and YouTube are the obvious placed to look things up.  What they do is take you to sites (hopefully) like this one that get into the details of the how and why choices were made and the decisions leading up to them.

My Arcade cabinet build was the inspiration for setting up a blog site.  Many of the best ideas I’ve run across are from others who have taken the time to share them.  Often I can’t figure out why people have done certain things even reading there sites.  For those, I’ll figure them out for myself and explain them here as best I can.

My older projects have dedicated sites that I may move over here in time.  This site will be the launchpad to those older projects.

My 1928 Herrishoff 12 1/2 – Hull# 1070 was Professionally restored. Its the only Project that should be here that I did not do the majority of the work.

Morning 12

Herrishoff 12 1/2 Restoration